Apple cake

Apple cake

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I cleaned the apples of the damaged portions and removed the spine. I put the healthy part on the grater. I poured a cup of sugar over the grated apple and put everything on low heat, chewing continuously, until the syrup left by the apple dropped. For flavor, I added cinnamon (2 tablespoons).

I put it aside and started doing it dough :

I broke the 3 eggs and mixed them vigorously with the sugar (I used para pear). I added a (larger) cup of oil, stirring constantly, then added flour and baking powder. I added a little flour, until I got a fairly hard, but flowing crust, to take the shape of the tray alone.

I greased the pan with oil and dusted it with flour. We poured 60% of the dough composition into the tray, leaving it to even out (we also use a spoon or a hand greased with oil).

Pour the apples over the dough, which we cover with the rest of the dough. Being one of soft consistency, I used a posh so as not to remain uncovered areas. Put the tray in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, until the cake is browned on top.

Powder everything with sugar and cinnamon, let it cool a bit and portion.

The dough bakes very well, being a fragile, slightly crumbly one.