Multigrain black bread with bran

Multigrain black bread with bran

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Put flour in the kneading bowl, make a hole in the middle of it, put the yeast, sugar on top, salt on the edge, and add a little warm water (not hot!), Lightly pour the oil and start kneading. Put the cumin. It's time to add a little rye flour and knead until the dough sticks to your hands, adding a little rye flour. The dough should be dense and elastic.

Cover and leave in a warm place for an hour, an hour and a half or until it doubles in volume.

When it has grown enough, knead it once more and place it in the prepared tray lined with baking sheet.

We leave it until it rises above the edge. Is ready .

Put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

We take it out and leave it to cool on a grill.

We only slice it when it has cooled completely.

Dark bread

dark bread
Over 70 percent of the black bread that is on store shelves is a fake, being actually made of white flour colored with malt, writes Evenimentul Zilei. [..] Other information about: shops, black bread, white bread, white flour, grocery store

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What bread do we eat?

dark bread
Intermediate bread is the healthiest. White bread is easy to assimilate by the body, but contains very few vitamins. Despite the general opinion, black bread is not very healthy, [..]

Recipe for children: tuna and tomato sandwich

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How to choose bread

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Healthier bread on Romanians' tables! Here are the new rules imposed by the authorities

dark bread
Authorities have imposed new rules on bread making. They have proposed the elimination of many unhealthy ingredients and are considering imposing strict rules on baking. [..] Other information about: bread, bakery, bakeries, healthy bread, bread making rules

500 g of black flour
25 g of fresh yeast or 1 sachet of dry yeast
350 ml of hot water
2 teaspoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons wheat bran
1 teaspoon salt
Seed core - sunflower, flax, poppy, pumpkin - optional

Dissolve the yeast cube in warm water together with the sugar in a large bowl. Set it aside. After 10 minutes add flour, salt, bran, seeds and mix well. Cover the dough with foil and clean cloth and leave it to rise for at least an hour. When it has risen enough, sprinkle the flour on the worktop and knead the dough again. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Shape the shape of the bread from the dough. Grease a pan with oil and place the dough in the preheated oven at 250 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes. Good appetite!

& # 8220 Sincerely for all that is good & # 8221 Ghionea Mill

Production sections


1. MILLING PRODUCTS: white flour, black flour, wheat bran for borscht, regular corn, top corn.

2. BAKERY PRODUCTS: white bread, sliced ​​white bread, wholemeal bread, sliced ​​wholemeal bread, black bread, toast bread, rye bread, multigrain bread.

3. BAKERY SPECIALTIES: buns, pretzels with poppy seeds, pretzels with sesame, croutons, bruschettas, breadcrumbs.

4. PASTRY PRODUCTS: housewife cake with walnut, shit and cocoa, fasting cake with orange jam, Charlotte cake, chocolate horn, cake, muffin, ship, strudel, cheese pies, mushroom pies, cheese suberec, meat suberec, croissants with shit, saltines, cream rolls, whipped cream rolls, pizza, cage, simple donuts, stuffed donuts.

5. CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS: cakes, cakes, candies, cookies.

Black bread, of all medicines. How do we recognize the good from the harmful

Bread, the food invoked in our prayers, is the subject of dispute among specialists. Some say it is healthy, others that it is a pure disease. With the exception of Asians, who use rice, without bread we cannot conceive of any meal, how could we give it up and especially why? There are varieties of bread that do more harm than good, just as there are breads that help health. How do we recognize the good from the harmful? Here are some arguments for the bread-medicine and the reasons why it is good to avoid eating white bread.

Good bread, fattening bread

Wheat, the main ingredient in bread, has been listed as a medicine since the & # 821770. Cereal is rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, so it can only be a source of health for the body. Helps protect the digestive tract, regulates body weight, contributes to the assimilation of minerals, gives mental and intellectual tone. With 60% carbohydrates, 10% protein and less than 1% fat, naturally present in cereals, bread could be considered an ideal food. No less than half of our body's energy needs can be covered by bread substances. But bread is often accused of being the main culprit for the extra pounds we gather. Today, we eat an average of 130 grams of bread a day, compared to 600 grams about a century ago. And yet, overweight and obesity are on an upward slope. A paradox for which white bread is responsible.

Lately, nutritionists have started advocating for the use of black flour bread with bran, rye, and recommend avoiding white flour bread that allows fat to be stored in the body. The more refined the flour, the more it loses its fiber and nutrient content. Called the "bread of the poor" for purely financial reasons, black bread proves once again that with less money you can buy health. Recommended in the treatment of obesity, this type of bread has other lesser known therapeutic connotations. The French have shown that black bread facilitates a quick solution to digestive problems, helping to treat colon cancer. in addition, those who consume it can boast a state of vivacity and an enviable tone. Instead, a study published in the International Journal of Cancer points out that people who eat too much white bread are more at risk for kidney cancer.

White bread (270 calories per 100 grams) is poorer in fiber and nutrients. When consumed hot, it produces bloating, its degree of humidity decreasing the secretion of salivary enzymes that help digest starch. white bread, so appetizing, is also cariogenic. Instead, black bread, made from unpeeled cereal, ends up providing the body with 10 times more magnesium, 2.5 times more phosphorus and calcium, an increased amount of B vitamins and vegetable fiber. It perfectly sanitizes the digestive tract exposed to cancer, a disease due mainly to an inadequate or rather modern diet. Eating black bread helps prevent and combat constipation and putrefaction. Black bread quickly induces the feeling of satiety, being recommended for reducing body weight. But also to get rid of skin diseases more easily. It is healthy for the pancreas, relieves diabetes. Black bread is a friend of the heart, experiments have shown that it has a very essential role in preventing heart ischemia.

Although white flour bread, intensely refined, is very tasty, it is advisable to choose black or wholemeal bread. But authentic assortments, not those obtained from white flour colored with food additives, as they appeared in stores in Romania! How do we choose the best assortment from a variety of black bread varieties on the market? First of all, we must avoid packaged bread, the label of which warns us that it also contains additives. If the shelf life is very long, the bread assortment is certainly bombarded with aesthetic additives for refining, taste correctors, flavors, preservatives. In this case, it is better to eat white bread than black! Usually sliced ​​and packaged bread contains all kinds of elements that help it last for several days on the shelves, extending the warranty period. The fewer and more natural the ingredients, the better. Black bread with a sour taste and not too baked is particularly harmful to health. Such bread is made from flour that has entered a process of spoilage. It is a difficult product to digest.

Whole, graham or wheat germ

Wholemeal bread (230 calories per 100 grams) is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Bread with bran (230 calories per 100 grams) contains B vitamins, is a good source of fiber, accelerates intestinal transit. Rye bread (230 calories per 100 grams) fights transient constipation. Graham bread is recommended in gastrointestinal disorders and obesity. Bread with a mixture of cereals reduces blood cholesterol levels, is obtained from soy flour and black flour. Wheat germ bread is recommended in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity. And bread made from a mixture of cereals and legumes, with high dietary fiber content, contains Omega 3 fish oil, oat bran, pea fiber, sunflower seeds and soybeans. It is a rich source of bioelements, useful in a balanced diet.

Bread is one of the oldest foods, dating back to the Neolithic era. The first kinds of bread produced were prepared from cereal porridge, made from ground grains and water. Descendants of these early types of bread are still consumed in the world, for example tortillas in Mexico, chapati in India, poa ping in China, oatcake rice cakes in Scotland, Indian corn bread johnnycake in North America and injera in Ethiopia. The Sumerians ate unleavened barley cakes, and the Egyptians of the twelfth century BC bought bread from the shops on the streets. It is believed that leavened bread appeared in Egypt. The Greeks ate grilled pancakes, bread with honey and oil, loafers shaped like mushrooms and covered with poppy seeds, and military buns baked on skewers. In medieval Europe, bread was not only food but also part of the dishes. Pieces of old bread (15 / 10cm) were used as plates. After the meal, they could be eaten, given to the poor or dogs. Otto Frederick Rohwedder is considered the father of sliced ​​bread. in 1928 he invented a machine that sliced ​​and wrapped bread. white bread was the favorite bread of aristocrats for generations, while poor people ate black bread. This changed in the twentieth century, when white bread became associated with the ignorant food classes.

Apart from the actual consumption, bread is also used as a remedy in curing various ailments. Our ancestors left us many options for using dough and slices of bread as a cure. Lumbar pain is treated with freshly baked hot bread and cut horizontally into 2 layers, which are applied to the painful area. Also for the lumbar and sciatic pains, the dough of rye flour dough was used with great success. The dough was greased on a piece of thick paper (parchment) and applied to the diseased area, previously rubbed with turpentine or hot pepper tincture. The top was covered with wool or wool, tied tightly and left for 40-50 minutes after which the compress was removed and the diseased place was wiped with a dry cloth. After the procedure, drink 2.5 g of baking soda with 150 ml of warm milk. The dough kept for a few days and was used even if it molded a little. The procedure is repeated 3 days in a row.

On the places affected by gangrene, apply a mixture of black rye bread chewed well in the mouth and salt. On the painful blow put a slice of bread well sprinkled with vinegar and sprinkled with baking soda. For hematoma, boils, various inflammatory processes, the elderly used wheat, oat or rye flour mixed with honey and a raw egg or a teaspoon of salt. The dough obtained is applied to the diseased area and changed daily. in case of lumbar pain, grind the chestnuts until they reach a powder, mix with camphor oil or melted osanza. A thin layer of chestnut ointment is spread on a slice of black bread and applied to the diseased area. Wheat and rye bread were once used as a cure for pellagra. The bread crumbs slightly soaked in red wine, applied to places on the body with bruises, made the swelling recede and the bruises disappear.

We can make wholemeal bread ourselves. Here is a traditional recipe. Whoever uses it will be 100% sure that they have not consumed anything harmful. First prepare the dough: mix a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of oil, a little salt and 2 cups of water. Add whole wheat flour until the paste no longer sticks to your fingers. Make a sphere and let it sit in a bowl of earth for three days, at a temperature of 20 degrees C. After three days, the paste swelled, became soft and smelled of wine. Knead it again, adding two tablespoons of flour, and let it sit for another two days. After two days, the loaf of bread is ready. Extract a piece of lard (as much as a chicken egg), add water and a little flour to obtain a soft paste. Make a sphere, which you will keep for three days at 15 degrees C. You can replace the dough with commercial yeast, about 50 g per 1 kg of bread (two cubes). For three loaves of 500 g, we need: three quarters of a liter of water, a kilogram and a half of wholemeal flour, a tablespoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of honey and oatmeal or yeast. Mix the dough, water, honey, salt and then pour over the flour. Knead well for about ten minutes and let it sit overnight in a warm place until it triples in volume. Then knead again for 5-10 minutes, with a little flour, make bread, which is increased 2 cm deep with a blade. To give it a shiny appearance, grease it with beaten egg white. Then put it in the hot oven.

Tips for a fresh bread

& # 8211 Bread and buns can be frozen for 2-6 weeks.
& # 8211 Bread packed in a plastic bag, stored in the refrigerator for a long time, molds.
& # 8211 Slices wrapped in paper or canvas will dry faster. Ideal is a canvas bag or a larger textile napkin.
& # 8211 Bread lasts longer if you close it in a tightly closed box or in a ceramic bowl.
& # 8211 The bread stays fresh if you put a raw, peeled potato in the bread box.

White bread increases the risk of cancer

According to a recent study, consuming white bread in large quantities has the effect of increasing the risk of becoming ill with a type of cancer that kills thousands of people each year. Those who eat five slices of bread a day are twice as likely to develop the most common form of kidney cancer as those who eat only one and a half slices of bread a day. Experts explain this by the fact that chemicals that cause high blood sugar levels are used, along with glucose, to feed cancer cells.

Brutarie Brasov - Brutaria Melange bakery products and services

Brutarie Brasov - Brutaria Melange bakery products and services is the page where you can find information about Melange Bakery - Brutari Brasov.

Brutaria Melange
Bakery and pastry products Brasov
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Melange is a manufacturer and distributor of bread, bakery products and pastries. We produce from traditional bread and pastry recipes from natural ingredients without food additives, preservatives or dyes.

We produce a wide range of bakery products such as: hearth bread, whole wheat bread, toast bread, multi seed bread, white bread with potatoes, white bagel, black bagel, white bagel without salt, black bread with potatoes, Transylvanian pita, bread graham, sliced ​​white bagel, but also pastries: croissants, croissants, Polish pretzels, walnut, poppy or shit cakes, chocolate croissants, puff pastry, saltines or saltines, cheeses, pies and many other goodies.

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Products and services

Bread and Bakery specialties

  • Bread on the hearth
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Toast bread
  • Bread many seeds
  • White bread with potatoes
  • Franzela alba
  • Black Franzela
  • Franzela alba without salt
  • Black bread with potatoes
  • Transylvanian pita
  • Graham bread
  • Sliced ​​white Franzela and other products according to traditional recipes


  • Crescent, Cornuri
  • Polish covers
  • Cakes with walnuts, poppy seeds or shit
  • Chocolate croissants, cakes
  • Puff pastry, saltines or saltines
  • Cheese, pies

Specialties to order
- For the special occasions in your life to have flavor, we can make to order whatever your heart desires and we can deliver everything fresh to you any day you want.

24/7 orders
- In order for our products to always be fresh, we have our own fleet of cars with which we ensure fast transport and in conditions of maximum hygiene.

Bread with bran and sesame

On the principle of rain comes from the Russians, now we have what applies to me as follows: The braids come from the Russians & # 8221! I don't know if you know them, but I'm a declared fan and, since I discovered them, I've been looking and wondering. Sometimes I try something like that, shy ... but obviously I don't look as beautiful as theirs. It's like I have two left hands & # 8230 but my talent still torments me sometimes. And because I don't understand Russian (or whatever language there is), I just look at the pictures and try to make my own & # 8222material & # 8221 (now we are dealing with a bread with bran and sesame). In the end, even if I managed to translate (with google translate, how else? :)), I would also return to my dough, because we eat the most bread with high fiber content, and the white one and fluffy we leave it only occasionally. Today I present to you one of my attempts to make a flower that I really liked (this is the page where I saw so many beauties and spectacular braids), with which I hope to bring summer to our lands as well!

Multigrain black bread with bran - Recipes

Wide variety of fresh and quality products

Various varieties of bread

We bake and deliver fresh bread every day, 7 days a week.

Fresh pastries

We are dedicated to making pastry products from quality natural ingredients.

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Recipe for bread, wheat, rye, oats, flax

Bread recipe, is the most important recipe of all recipes, any housewife should know how to make good bread.
A good bread must be well baked, light, good in taste, not heavy, soft or sticky.

The well-baked bread is fluffy, and the core returns to its original shape after we press it with our fingers.

The myth about bread, which says that it makes you fat, was born from the distortion of the idea of ​​eating bread in an unhealthy way, that is, hot bread, fresh out of the oven, which, although tasty, harms our body a lot.
For health, it is recommended to eat bread baked twice, or put in the toaster, thus being easier for digestion.
Fresh bread is very difficult to digest, it is recommended to eat bread at least 24 hours after baking.
Bread can be of several types, depending on the flour from which it is made.
We can make white or wholemeal bread from wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, corn, etc.
Bread recipe multigrain, is a recipe for bread with flour from several cereals, as the name suggests.
For bread recipe multigrain I used flour
in the
and oatmeal

. METHOD OF PREPARATION bread recipe multigrain:
Put equal portions of wheat flour, rye, flax and oatmeal and knead a dough with a little salt, yeast, warm water and a teaspoon of sugar.
Knead the dough well, leave it to rise for an hour, well covered in a warm place, then form buns and put them on a tray in which I put parchment paper (baking)

Put the tray in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until it bakes and catches a golden crust.
It is a very nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare bread.

How to recognize a quality black bread. Additives

And black bread contains a number of additives. Sorbic acid, or E200, is one of them. Once ingested, it destroys vitamin B12 and can cause skin irritation. There are also diglycerides, emulsifiers (E481, E272b and E472b), which are added fats to keep bread fresh. Also pay attention to unhealthy wholemeal bread oils: hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, partially hydrogenated oils. They can raise cholesterol and cause heart disease.

The acidifier, or citric acid in bread, promotes cavities, while calcium propionate or E282 causes migraines and gallbladder attacks. The acidity corrector brings an extra salt in the body.

So focus on a product with as few ingredients as possible besides the basic ones: flour, yeast, salt and water. In addition, look at the expiration date: the farther away it is, the more additives the bread has.

Source: adevarul.ro, andreearaicu.ro, pufosenia.ro, qbebe.ro

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